Economists: Hold your breath or wash your mouth out with soap

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy try holding your breath next time you count your money”

Guy McPherson


I think we need to wake up to the economic myth and relegate it back to where it belongs.

The so called leaders in our society trumpet the economy as the paramount thing that needs to be sustained. At the cost of the environment. At the cost of people who are socially and economically excluded. At the cost of any animal population. At the cost of water that is safe to drink or air that is fit to breath.

We are mind controlled into a way of thinking about the economy as if the economy where a living breathing thing, like a starving child, when it is just an abstract concept. Totally abstract. Completely intangible.

To those self important few herding us like cattle, those who say the economy is the most important thing in community life I say:

“Liar, liar pants on fire!!”

An economy is just a structure that provides a means for us to experience leisure, pleasure and sufficience.  Unfortunately greedy men have manipulated this system and manipulated the discussion around it so that the average man, woman and child accepts gross environmental destruction as a necessity to maintain ‘the economy’.

Interestingly in generations gone economy had a totally different meaning. Being economic was associated with being a spendthrift, with reusing or recycling. With making do without market place solutions. Now being economic is associated with excessive consumption and with the production of massive amounts of personal refuse buried and forgotten.

Why did we let these greedy guys take us here? Why don’t we discuss this in public forums? Why aren’t we protesting in the streets to relegate the economy and transform to a system that supports everyone and protects the natural world that permits our life?

I’m sure you know why and it’s a sad sad state of affairs.  Really really sad.

The true reason is a story of fear, distraction and what can be achieved on a global scale through bombardment of state sanctioned bank industry propaganda. Because we are told these lies so regularly every day we cannot see through them to the truth.We become conditioned to think any of the alternatives are extreme, irrational and unrealistic.  But isn’t the course we are on extreme?



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