Universal Basic Income: A idea whose time has come.

“What was it I was interested in as a youth, before I was told I had to earn my living?”

Robert Anton Wilson

Every citizen deserves the minimums of life. Good food, clean water, and a safe place to shelter.

If this is the goal of humanity then modern economies are failing us dismally.

When the signs of our failed social experiments are so evident we need to start to discuss the alternatives. Good ones like the Universal Basic Income. Basic income is an unconditional regular payment to all individuals without a requirement of work. Basic income replaces pensions, sickness disability and most other welfare payments. There is no eligibility or means testing. Every adult (over 18 years) is eligible. Here is a short video explanation of Basic Income.

Basic income recognises the vast contributions individuals make in a society are often unrecognised because much of it will not part of paid work. Van Gogh for instance lived from charity (a basic income in affect). He did not make a living from his paintings and yet his paintings have been left as his gift to the world!

There are active discussions on Universal Basic Income in many countries like this one in Switzerland for example.

Opponents paint a bleak picture of laziness, high crime rates and affordability, but the truth is that most of these petty complaints are invalid. Basic income is a more fair and equitable approach than the current system that punishes people for not being able to find jobs that don’t exist. No wonder people get fed up and turn to crime! Basic income is also a more effective means to fairly redistribute wealth from the 1% to the 99.

The other criticism of basic income is that proponents just don’t know how an economy works. This line of thinking appears to assume that the bank economics that we have right now is working and that all of humanity have (or soon will have) their basic human needs met. What rot!! They also appear to presuppose that environmental devastation, poverty and starvation are inevitable even necessary. Or if you think this contradictory logic through…it is a fundamental admission that working in jobs, paying taxes for welfare and spending all our remaining money on loans to banks or on consumption of junk is never going to ensure human needs are met on a massive scale.

Face it, things are fucked up badly.

Our next economic system needs to be based around something other than greed!

Every human has the right to the minimums of a descent life and Universal Basic Income is a better means of achieving this simple outcome.


There are efforts to deliver UBI in many countries. Join the cause or if there is nothing in your country start something up!!

US http://www.usbig.net/index.php

Canada http://biencanada.ca/

UK http://basicincome.org.uk/

Europe http://basicincome2013.eu/en/index.html

Australia http://www.basicincome.qut.edu.au/

NZ http://www.bigkahuna.org.nz/universal-basic-income.aspx


2 thoughts on “Universal Basic Income: A idea whose time has come.

    • The people always hold the power. When we decide enough…its over!

      The wealthy exert their influence to keep us too scared and too distracted to realise where the balance of real power lies.

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