The source of gnashing clawing unkindness

“Simple living is arriving at the realisation that you never really own anything at all”

Mr Simple


Watch people chasing. Chasing land, buildings, cars, sex. Even marriage is our attempt to own or control another person (although we definitely don’t like to acknowledge that to ourself!). We are obsessed with chasing and owing. Pushing, striving. Being dishonest, unkind, even evil to own more than our neighbor and to impress our parents. This disingenuous and deceitful pantomime to attain, own and control anything and everything we see before us does not lead to satisfaction. We become bored and we throw it all away eventually or we die with nothing. All that scrambling, clawing and gnashing. It is just a diversion from a fulfilling life.

Become content within yourself. Quell your desire. Own nothing. Control nothing. Let things come and go like a passing rainstorm.

Focus on living well. On rich relations and meaningful moments. On giving. On caring. On becoming a better you that inspires all who come into your presence. By casting off your desire, your ego’s need to control, and open yourself up to the important things in life.

Casting aside desire for the material is like opening the spiritual floodgate to a better experience. You gain the space and time to become more connected and to do what matters.


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