Providence, joy and the gift of work

“Work is the joy in returning one’s gifts to the community”

Matt Fox

Mostly we have the wrong view of money.

We are encouraged to think about money as a means of enabling barter. Something of worth that can easily be stored and translated into a positive future outcome. But, we must move away from this thinking and recognize that fiat money has no true value. We must see money for what it is. Money is Debt. In striving to accumulate money we incur more future debt than the amount of money that we are ever likely to have. In this way we become betrothed, beholden…enslaved…

If every debt in the world were paid back today there would not be enough money in existence to complete the exercise.

Once money is seen as debt and debt is understood as a loss of life and freedom then our interactions with money must change.  It follows that our wrong view of money leads to our wrong view of life. That our life is our work. The mistake is understandable, but it is still a mistake!!

Instead of doing what we otherwise would (returning our gift) we do tasks that are so stupid, so pointless and so boring that no fool would do them in the absence of a monetary payment. We prostitute our talents and trivialize ourselves all the while distracting ourselves from stumbling upon our true calling.

Finding your unique individual gift is very hard. This is not because it requires hours of introspection and a deep self knowledge or anything like that. It is hard to find because it is usually hiding in plain sight. Our gifts reside in our pleasures our hobbies and our passions. It’s just that we are almost never thinking vocation during recreation.

If finding our gift is hard, harder still is having the courage to place our trust in providence and forge the untraveled path.

This path may well be un-monied, but notice how fellow travelers appear rich beyond bounds. Contrast this with those still stuck in the traditional career and let your heart not your head set your compass for the future.

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