Ye ole shits and giggles in the modern age

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”

Michael Jordan


Well i’d ask what do you do now that is so great?

A movie?

What if you saw it or what if you heard it weren’t so good?

Go out for a meal?

Why not have a better time at home for half the price?

Renovate a new bathroom?

What if your neighbour could show you were to get a better one free?

Actually there aren’t that many people going for that option. Most pay a contractor to sort it and if you are poor you can’t afford that type of fun!

How about…

Playing your own music…music was mostly owned by the village not the recording label.

Brewing your own beer…sure it will be an immodest concoction, but the mild toxicity from the unsanitary brewing conditions will make a thimble a pint. Value for money indeed!

Sitting quietly enjoying.

Riding a cheap bike in an inhospitable terrain.

Playing cars (or whatever) with a small child.

Making a hut with grandparents.

Cooking playdooh.

Reading a book from the library.

Listening to any song on spofify free.

Better still make and play your own music!

Talking with your family.

Riding bikes together.

Swinging in a playground like monkey’s…


Fun beyond list-able…still not compelling enough not to go to work…

…for some, but I don’t need any encouragement to ditch work!!



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