The magic of melancholy

“Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad” 

Victor Hugo

Because I’ve frequently said that the purpose of life is happiness you might think that I never get glum. Nothing is further from the truth. I enjoy a good melancholy now and again. Everything in life is a duality after all. 

You can’t know day without night,up without down or happy without sad.

But, once you realise that melancholy is the flip side of happiness and that through this experience you are opening yourself to more joy you can come to enjoy sadness in a weird sort of a way.

Toss in the fact that most of the greatest art works, music, poems, novels and creative achievements are the direct result of a melancholic experience!

Without melancholy we wouldn’t know the breadth of our own happiness and we wouldn’t have so many beautiful things in this world to enjoy.

The Inverse in the Universe

“Being called weird is like being called Limited Edition. Meaning you’re something people don’t see that often. Remember that”


In my lifetime I’ve notice that a few inverse relationships hold.

#1: People paid the least care most about their companies. They take corporate credibility seriously and personally. They feel embarrassed when the company messes up. They work diligently to make sure things happen. Contrast that to the Leadership or the Board Members often paid 10 – 100 x the salary of the staff. These folk are usually ho-hum about everything aside from their bonus and often don’t appear to have even a basic grip of what the business actually does, how it runs or why things are done a certain way. They have little more than protected exposure to hand picked customers that give tightly managed feedback. This lets them set stupid directions and sit sipping whiskey dry while their staff bares the brunt.

#2: The less you make the more you save. The tendency when your income tightens is to lock down your expenses. As your income inflates you tend to think a few things here and there won’t matter. Next thing you know its lots of things and financially it does matter.

#3: The best looking people seem to have the least to offer. Being instantly accepted because of superficial beauty often leads to emotional atrophy. The most interesting characters to speak to, the ones that are really rich, complex and intelligent often look a little quirky. I suspect it is because they have never been instantly accepted on their looks alone and it’s caused them to stretch and expand their emotional and intellectual organs to become interesting people.

What inverse relationships have you noticed out there?