Waking up on time without electricity

How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss

Time is a human construct that is useful in as much as it helps us coordinate with others.

Mostly I don’t care about clock time. If I am hungry I eat. If it is dark I sleep. I don’t own a watch, or an alarm clock and I don’t have a cell phone.

But, I still work some and so I need to get up to catch airplane flights or to be at work on time for an early meeting.

So how do you wake yourself up on time without electricity?

I’d like to one day become a Jack Reacher type that can imagine a time in their head and wake up exactly at that point in the morning. This is somewhat achievable, but needs to appreciated as only partially realistic considering Jack Reacher is a fictitious character in a popular novel series.

Sure you can cheat by sleeping next to somebody with a watch, but what if that person is as timeless as you? Small children certainly help. They are often up very early, but sometimes when they are sick they become extremely unreliable alarm clocks. They also grow up to become unwake-able teenagers so children are at best a temporary strategy.

I’ve searched the internet without real success. I’ve concluded that sometimes I’ll just be late or other times I’ll be excessively early, but I am definitely open to your tips, tricks or suggestions!

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