Dirty politics (hideously incestuous really)

“The illusion of choice in politics is the ground for perception of free will”
Mr Simple


I despair at elections. At one time I was an activist. Then a party supporter. Then I found politics repugnant. Why?  I traced the money funding the liberals and the conservatives and many of the other parties in my country. If you do this you too will arrive at the same families that I did. Every party in almost every country has the same financial backers.

Once you do this, or once you know this, politics becomes a sad illusion.

What choice is there really if the same puppet masters control all the political puppets on show?

Its like saying I’ll buy Cadbury’s over Kit-Kat only to find out both are owned by Kraft (who are in themselves owned by…take a guess).

Yet people take their vote so seriously. Older people especially. Older folks place such importance on their vote. They say that it’s better than living in a dictatorship…but really if every politician owes favours (or much more) to the same individuals then there isn’t really any dichotomy is there…just the illusion of a choice.

Now what if those same few families owned both the media, the education system (through the govt – owned by these families), the police (govt…) and the army (govt…yawn)?

Are you concerned enough to look up from video games (own them too…mostly) and Hollywood movies (they own them entirely) to vote against this? Really… who will you vote for for real change? Before you vote look past party politics and into ownership relationships.

We hold the power. The power is always with the people. When we decide enough the political illusion is over.

Call me when its time. I’ll stand with you.

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