The entertained brain

“I restore myself when I’m alone”

Marilyn Monroe

We seem to fear being alone with ourselves. Perhaps this is partially explained by one of the major drivers of our behaviour being the need to be connected and accepted by others. Kids will get in cars with a drunk mate when they know it is  life threatening. The risk of dying is less scary to them than becoming socially outcast by their peers. We shouldn’t fear being alone with our self. Why we do is just one of those mysteries of the universe I guess. Aloneness is actually great. Through aloneness we can move behind the mind chatter and discover our true nature. This awakening is one of the most important experiences in life. But, most of us don’t embrace solitude. We fill our aloneness up with mobile phones, facebook, gaming, sports, politics, new media and any and every other type of brain entertainer. We live in a world designed to keep us utterly distracted and completely plugged into a narrow bandwidth of thought and experience. We tune externally instead of internally, and in doing so we miss the really important things. Lightweight entertainment and recreational drugs (or any other thing that helps us forget our troubles) are king in our culture. We talk other about the weather, who won the big game or which politician to might vote for. We don’t discuss questions like:

  • Why don’t the Rothschild family appear on the world’s rich list when they have reported fortunes of +$500 trillion?
  • How come most of the US presidents were members of the Council on Foreign relations? Who are the CFR anyway and what do they do?
  • Who are the Bilderberg group? Or the Committee of 300? Or who is Moloch or Nimrod and why do either have any relevance today?
  • Who owns the Fed?
  • Under what law does a US private company collect tax from its citizens?
  • How can we ever achieve an abundant, sustainable and efficient lifestyle if our operating maxim is profit making (founded on scarcity)?
  • Are there fairer, better and more egalitarian social structures that we should collectively move toward?
  • How might we enable real change that positively impacts on us for the good of us all?

Most of the things we should be talking about aren’t even a part of the public mainstream discourse. Everything that is super important seems to occur in a shadowy world that operates behind the curtain pulled over our eyes by our politicians, bankers, companies moguls and the media. While we remain entertained and distracted we miss the opportunities to connect back into our essence.  We trade deep meaningful conversations about matters that affect all of us for superficial diatribe from strangers. Our problems seem big. We are so small. Perhaps it is better to close our eyes and distract our brain from ourselves, our nature, our problems and our life. It’s what most people seem to prefer anyways…

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