The two wolves

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it”  

Edith Wharton


I feel like there are broadly two ways that we can operate.

The vast majority of people absorb the energy around them. Mostly this is the negative life is crap and disappointing, be scared and afraid cultural narrative promulgated by mass media and echoed by the majority of the population to make us feel small and helpless. When we operate in this mode we feed off the energy around us. Whatever it is. It flows into and back out of us and we respond and react to it. We draw from the negative charge. Life is a bitch and we want everyone around us to be as unhappy as we are. We repel people. We act selfishly and hurtfully.

A much smaller group of people generate their own energy. They project their passion outwards. Their positive energy, happiness and intent radiates from them like a shockwave to everyone and everything that they come into contact with. Like magnetism their positive energy can clash with the surrounding negative aura that has most people caught in an invisible spell.

To get radiant these people have had to run their batteries a little low to begin to produce and project their own positive power. It’s a hard thing to do in the face of such a massively negatively charged social environment. By programming their own mind (rather than having their mind programmed by the mass media) they are now beacons of light that can beam brightness and lightness into the hearts of other people.

We are attracted to these types of people because we recognise they are ‘off-programme’ free spirits. Their pilot light is on. They’ve ditched autopilot to dance to their own tune. When we clash with these people it is often because we feel jealous, intimidated or fearful. We resent their directionality knowing at the same time we are neck deep in mud and misery. While they exhibit freedom and fluidity we feel trapped in circumstance and expectation and we hate it!

There is an Indian legend about a old medicine man telling a young brave about the two wolves that live within him. One wolf feeds on suffering and pain. The other feeds on happiness and harmony. These too wolves are always fighting and eventually one will win. When the young brave asks who will win the medicine man replies simply ‘the one you are feeding’.

It’s easy to figure out if you are a producer (positively charged) or a consumer (negatively charged). You just need to ask yourself whether you are sucking in suffering or are you consciously projecting your passion and happiness out to energise everyone in your emotional field?

Let me ask you one other question. Do you feel like your closest relationships (partner, friends, kids and other family members) suck your energy or do they magnify your charge and inspire you to keep forging your own life lived on your terms?

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