10 ways to inject community back into your neighbourhood

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy”

Richard Stallman


When we moved into our cabin our neighbourhood didn’t really have much connectedness. The homes are physically dislocated. People drive their car straight into their garage and in doing so avoid any possibility of engaging with the people that live next door.

We didn’t know each other, we didn’t talk to each other and so we didn’t share things. Our little street was a community that wasn’t. Now things are different. I feel like I am friends with everyone now to varying degrees. I hope that they feel the same about our family and I have had some really positive feedback about how much more fun it has been since we moved in…which is nice!

Here are 10 ways you can make where you live a more fun and more social experience:

  1. Community beer or wine: The community that brews together saves money and has lots of the good stuff to make street parties and cookouts a hoot.
  2. Community Wifi: If one household gets a Wifi amplifier everyone can hook on. This saves a ton of money on connection fees, but requires trust that people won’t upload or download naughty stuff.
  3. Community food swap or food coop: Every Saturday we dump our surplus produce on a table along with everyone else’s. You take whatever you can use. People now bake cakes or muffins or cookies that are shared free. It’s a cool way to get a diverse range of free food and at the same time save your own from wastage.
  4. Community tool shed: Combine all the tools in one shed to free space. Keep a roster or an account for new additions to the shed. Have a policy about what to do when things break. This can give you access to every tool on the planet for a very low yearly fee.
  5. Community childcare: The best babysitter for a child is another child. A great gang of kids roaming the neighbourhood up to mischief is a delight to see. By having one parent responsible at any one time all other adults are freed up for more important things…like drinking community beer.
  6. Community cookouts or Barbecues: Make some punch, uncork the community cider, grill up some swap-a-lot food, make a bonfire, create your own music, get up and dance!
  7. Community cars: Cars are expensive and go unused an average of 23 hours per day. One car can easily be shared by several families…kids car seats and all. Now everyone will be into this, but you only need a few others who think it is a good idea.
  8. Community clean ups: Get people together to clean up local streams, parks and gardens. Plant native trees and make it a better place for everyone to live.
  9. Community DIY: Wouldn’t it be nice to crowd source labour for the big jobs around your home? Imagine getting your house painted in single day! The only thing to ensure is that
  10. Community dollars: Wouldn’t I like to!! Why use debt money from the national treasury that is created by greedy bankers to keep us imprisoned in mountains of debt. If it weren’t illegal it would be so easy to set up a local currency in our little hood!!

What community share projects have you started with your neighbours? Love to hear about them. Click the speech bubble under the title to post a comment!

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