Funny money, phony politics and false dogma

“Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today”

Herman Wouk


The biggest shams they’ve pulled on us are money, politics and religion. Period.

Religious icon’s preach peace and forgiveness from seats of power won on mass genocide. They continue to horde top secret information and sanction the activities of fanatical assassins. While I fully support the intent and positive principles espoused within religion I can’t help but notice the stunning hypocrisies of the organisations that administer religion. Why for instance does the catholic church, which is most likely the richest organisation on this planet, rely so heavily on donations put in the collection plate by regular people that are struggling to make ends meet?

Meanwhile big governments are filled to the brim with senators and MPs that are overwhelmingly christian, but they seem to have no qualms throwing their militaries against each other over trivial deputes that most any man or woman in the street could resolve non-violently. Add in their duplicity, affairs, racketeering (bribes from bankers and corporation) and generally antisocial behaviour and it is just gob-smacking to me that we continue to go out and vote these bank stooges into positions of power.

Meanwhile we have a monetary system, a human invention, that we let totally control our reality. We let bankers tell us when we need to go to war for their profit. We let food spoil in the fields when the bankers turn down the circulation of their currencies. We clash and conflict with people that we would otherwise befriend all for money’s sake. We are bankrupted or unemployed when the banking elite orchestrate market crashes for profit or power gain. But, money is just a piece of paper with no real worth. Tied to nothing but debt. Money is the phony mechanism by which we are coerced into a life of economic slavery that redirects the things of real worth like minerals, property, assets back to the banking families.

Why don’t we oppose stupid things like phony money, false dogmatic religions or corrupt politicians? Well thanks to the banking families ownership of the media sources the most powerful people in the world can assemble in complete secret to perform satanic rituals (most likely involving the murder of women and children) while the front page of western media runs headlines on a selfie of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West eating a lavish lunch.

It’s past due to turn the mothership around. The first step is to realise you are being lied to. The second step is to begin to discover new ways that we can organise life to live harmoniously and sustainable with each other. The final step to start this transition is to realise that change won’t be possible until we collect and oppose the men behind the curtain in this puppet show called life.

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