Why it’s pointless donating to international environmental organisations

A rich man can afford to be generous to many”

Mercedes McCambridge


I’ve previously noted that I don’t think we have any real environmental problems. At the same time I have to confess to having an environmental bent and being deeply concerned about the erosion of the natural environment and the extinction of non-human species at alarming rates.

It’s just that I am over the trivial efforts of global environmental groups and their endless fundraising. While lots of good people pour their heart and sole into these international trusts and agencies they are merely fronts for the oil barons and bankers. The point from their perspective is structured activism is easily managed, its a nice distraction from real issues or change and it’s a handy means to catalyse us around their global elite agenda (centralised power for them).

Think about this.

David Rothschild identifies himself as a passionate environmentalist. If you Google him you will most likely see him in khaki pants standing on a glacier somewhere. This guy has a personal fortune of at least $10 billion. He is also part of a small tightly knit family of global bankers with a familial fortune somewhere between $500 trillion and $1000 trillion. Hypothetically this guy has access to 1 quadrillion dollars! That’s so much money that it sounds like an imaginary word. If you are having trouble visualing a quadrillion dollars  look at this page and then try to imagine 1000x more money if you can.

With loose change from his families wealth (like money they found in the couch in one of their mansions) a motivated guy could solve world poverty, all global environmental problems, buy the whole world lunch and still have change. So why does this guy need to continually raise funds from charity for tinpot environmental projects? I’d be speaking to my father, or my uncle or my aunt about getting some play money if I were a ‘passionate environmentalist’.

The environmental problems, like almost all of the other problems in our world aren’t ever going to get solved because they are convenient circumstances that in some way serves the interests of the very richest of the rich men. Face it, many of the environmentally destructive activities of industry would be illegal if it weren’t for the fact that the very same men polluting and pillaging hold the pen of law in most every country. Take a look at who founded and funded the major international environmental groups and animal protection societies. Are you surprised to see oil men, bankers, hunting enthusiasts….so why did they found these bodies. Guilt? Empathy? Genuine concern…

Save your money folks.

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