Detaching from things…

“Life is simple, but it’s not easy”


It can be annoying when things break or go missing. You’d think the experience would be magnified if you own less, but that hasn’t been my story. When I buy stuff I imagine it broken, lost or stolen right at point of sale. Sometimes this is enough to shake me out of a daydream and get me to wonder why I am wasting my money. The rest of the time it means I can easily cope when things go wrong. Things are just that. Things. They are not my things. They are not part of my being. That detachment means I don’t react like a wounded child if our 2 year old smashes the laptop or if a neighbour crashes into the (‘our’) car. It’s just a laptop. It’s just a car. They will be damaged. Eventually they will be recycled or become landfill.

it’s easy to say this, but in the moment that things happen it’s easy to overreact. Take a breath. Get some space. Find perspective. In 1000 years this won’t be a defining moment in history so best just roll with it and stay mellow. Keep your head in the game and deal with what comes next.

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