How to stop paying tax in one easy step (a must read for US friends)

“The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin”
Mark Twain


According to this documentary paying federal personal income tax is a voluntary activity if you live in the US. Voluntary as in you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to. That’s about as voluntary as it gets really. It boils down to the collection of an unhypothecated federal income tax being unconstitutional. So there you have it paying tax is optional. Not that the IRS or the government are letting on.

It got me thinking about tax…no such luck in my country unfortunately we definitely have a law and it is lawful for the government to dip into my income and take a pinch. Basturds! I started thinking about the things my tax compulsorily funds that I wouldn’t pay for if I had the option. Education – yes, but I’d expect a vastly better product, healthcare – yes, social welfare – yes, military – no, road maintenance – yes, new roading – probably not…In the case of my country some of the tax expenditure is pretty descent and I’d pay even if I had the choice not to. For other stuff like mining conservation lands or fracking in suburbs and townships – most certainly not.

Of course in the US case the federal income tax that is currently collected appears to go straight to bankers. Roads, schools and other public funded things are payed out of land tax, fuel tax or other city taxes. The rest of the deal that other western countries get free like healthcare or childcare is user pays so why the heck would you tick that voluntary box and let those fat cat bankers dip their dirty fingers into your hard earned income if you live in the land of the free? 

Got any tax loopholes in your country? Click the speech bubble to share.

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