A few elites (with several quadrillion dollars) could never rule the world

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves”

Eric Hoffer

A few elites (13 families) could never control the world. Maybe, but before you decide without any facts look up the Rockafellers and the Rothschild’s. Look up the Travistock Institute, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove (where the richest men in the world are running around in the bush in ancient robes praying to Babylonian gods), the Trilateral Commission, BIS and the Council on Foreign Relations (just a rich club for rich men). Then read Tragedy and Hope by Quigley then watch or read anything by Coleman. Now you will be informed enough to decide for yourself if you are being lied to or if you should just shut up and watch the TV news. Oh and that Senator in the Rockafeller video – Macdonald, the one that ran up against the interests of the elite…killed when his plane exploded. Lots of unfortunates like the Kennedy’s (start at 5.25 minutes_good watch by 10 minutes you might wonder how he survived two more years!!) just seem to have bad luck when they challenge the agenda…all these secret societies – jesuits (second para in red), knights of malta, freemasons, grovers, bilderberg, CFR, the Fed, the Skull & Bones Society, the Vatican, the BIS… and all the others are just wholesome fun clubs for rich men to talk about polo. Their incredible business and political entanglement is mere coincidence and their mammoth donations to every political party in the world is simply a demonstration of their charity towards the interests of all mankind..

Don’t dismiss this as outright as nonsense. Do some research. It really won’t take long. Then judge for yourself.

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