Bursting out of a buttoned down life

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”

Katharine Hepburn



There are a few posts now on LeM about keeping your house cleaning to a minimum while not feeling guilty about a little mess. There are a other posts on the fun of the bricoleur, upcycling, positive non-intervention gardening or decorating your house for next to nothing!

There are posts on why work sucks, why working hard in a career is an illusion and how to start to unjob yourself from the daily grind and start to return your gifts to improve your community.

Almost everything I write is based around my desire to help people to regain the moments of their life. I want other people to discover freedom from this military-industrial-complex culture that treats us as an economic and social slaves. I’d write 100 posts if that’s what it takes to connect with just one person. That one person who steps back takes a good look at this fucked up crazy thing we call life and just says…”Ok, but from now on we do this on my terms!”. That possibility of connecting with one solitary individual who suddenly realises just how railroaded in and buttoned down their life really is…that is why LeM exists.

One less corporate zombie will make this world a better place!

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