Copycat identities: the means to manipulate

“Most have no memory of self before their second birthday and, even then, the memories from around that time are fragmented and unconnected. It’s not that you have forgotten what it was like to be an infant– you simply were not ‘you’ at that age because there was no constructed self, and so you cannot make sense of early experiences in the context of the person to whom those events happened”

Bruce Hood

We see everything through our identity. The identity that is build up over a lifetime of adding ideas about who you are and what you are all about. We create our own little narrative. A self indulgent fabrication called “i”. Mostly we are also desperate to generate an identity that conforms to a very standard social norm. We seem to prefer safe identities that don’t stand out. There is nothing more distressing for people than not fitting in. Die tall poppy. Die die! Through all this you have to wonder how anyone can challenge the notion that we aren’t societies of sheeple. One giant game of follow the leader. We’re sitting ducks for the malevolent elite. Set the norms in society to ensure your interests then let people self police each other. Prisoners in jail don’t have belts so their pants hang down. When they get out they often don’t buy, and probably don’t have money to buy, a belt because it feels unusual for them. Now you have 12 year olds in affluent suburbs with their pants hanging down and their boxers exposed. Its got nothing to do with prison culture anymore. It’s just copycat behaviour from children desperate to fit in with the equally clueless kids in their school. So who are you? Well since your identity is just a collection of ideas, you are pretty much anyone you decide to be. If you also have the ability detach yourself from the obsessive need to conform then there is really no telling what you could achieve in this crazy old game of life.

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