The evolution (or revolution) of our species

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy”

Chris Hedges

Our world is a crazy place.

If you weren’t from this planet and you were going to write the most nuts fantasy story possible you simply could not come up a version of reality that comes close to the world that we have.

We have doctors sawing people open and pumping them full of Rockafeller owned drugs when the evidence is overwhelming that most diseases are simply a deficiency of fruit and vegetables.

We hold small ratioactive electro-magnetic boxes up to our head for vast portions the day to talk endless dribble and nonsense with people we hardly know all without ever giving any consideration to the fact that we ourselves are electro-magnetic energy bound together by a fragile force.

We allow ourselves to be involved in the perpetual wars of the bankers, killing, raping and destroying each other for their profit and pleasure when each of us is at root the same. We have love for our children and our families and by and large we seek to lead peaceful happy lives. In a more just society war would not be structured as a profitable endeavour or fair and just bankers of the world would unite and together and agree it illegal to lend money to tinpot tyrants (of any nation) for the purposes of killing another group of people.

We drink water poisoned by industry and laced with additives that calcify our brains. We allow ourselves to be prohibited from achieving states of consciousness (through poisoning of water and the prohibition of consciousness expanding plants) where we are connected to the unified field of wisdom that is at the root source of our own universal intelligence.

We forgo personal individuation, the personal expressions of our gifts, and get side-tracked by corporations that put us in boxes to do mind-numbingly stupid tasks in return for funny money. We fritter our days away completing task so dull that if nobody were paid, nobody would do them.

We have a system where money is debt and that debt is used to ensnare and enslave us in a false and depressing cultural narrative that sees us sit silently as whole families starve while the architects live like robber barons.

Kids it’s time for us to put an end to this juvenile phase of human evolution. We need to mature and evolve into a species with adults in positions of power. Together we can change these fundamentally perverse constructs within our collective experience.

The time is now. The evolution starts in you.

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