Meditation is more important than your job

“Action expresses priorities”

Mahatma Gandhi

There’s a podcast titled ‘Meditation is more important than your job’. While I didn’t listen to the whole thing I fundamentally agree that self understanding (and one way to gain understanding is through meditation) is a very important task that everyone having this human experience should invest some time into. It got me thinking about all the things that are more important to me than a traditional 9-5 work experience. Time with my family is more important. Already in my kids short lives I’ve missed all sorts of firsts and important experiences because I’ve been at work. On too many occasions I’ve been too tired or too distracted with work to have conversations that are important to my family. Running and riding my bike are more important to me than work. That might sound juvenile or silly but it’s true. Finishing the rebuild of our home is more important than work. Everyone needs a sanctuary that is warm, water tight and comfortable. Meeting up with my friends is also more important. Friends energise and educate me. They inspire and help me when I need advice or assistance. Being surrounded by quality people is a key to success and happiness in this life. Sleep and idleness is more important to me than work. It might sound lazy, but if I had a free choice between a day relaxing and sleeping or a day going to work it would not be a close contest. Now the interesting question is having determined that there are a number of things that are more important to me than work, why is my time so significantly unbalanced in favour of doing little of the things that are important and lots of the thing (work) that is less important to me? The answer is of course money and so is the solution. There are two paths (assuming you rule out robbing and stealing). I can work more to gain the money I need for freedom that I desire. That course is illogical because I would have to sacrifice the very freedom that I seek to gain. The alternative solution is to live simply. By reducing my desires for material gain and being clear about my priorities I can live on a small income that requires far less time committed to work. By doing so it is possible to immediately balance my time around the things that are important. It’s what I’ve always said is a critical choice in this world. Choosing meaning over money.  

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