The echos of Saturn

“Saturn seems to have impressed the seal of melancholy on me from the beginning”

Marsilio Ficino

The Saturn Myth is worth reading. The video based on the book makes the content more digestible. In both cases the author makes some compelling links between our gods and the visible planets in the sky. It’s worth watching or reading if you are interested in the origins of man and are unencumbered by the dogma of religious beliefs. Once you understand our connection to cosmology, the symbolism of the planet Saturn and the importance of Saturn in prehistory you start to notice all of the modern Saturn references and symbols that pervade our lives. Just take a look at the symbol representing your internet browser if you are using explorer as an example. Certainly companies, banks and the elites are still fascinated with the planet Saturn…and while the church promotes some kind of sky daddy in a toga they are themselves kind of obsessed with Saturn and Saturn symbology. Who’s this fella in the Saturn hat…

Why are all these Muslim fellas worshiping around a black cube (a Saturn symbol)? Anyone with a half curious mind might want to look into this for themself…

As soon as you learn to read the symbols of Saturn you realise the world is so thick with Saturn worship that you wonder why you never heard about it before.

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