House of Harmony – House of Horror

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay”


Life is brutal. We get beaten down until we think, dress and act like everyone else. Random strangers physically or verbally abusing us over a square on the ground called a parking space. Our power tripping bosses project their emotional turmoil on us as they go through a divorce. The government, the media and big business uses silent psychological weapons on us that turn us into a confused fearful consumer. On top of all this we self police. Anyone out of line gets fingers pointed at them hushed whispers and muffled sniggering wherever they go. Being a pack animal this is quite a powerful controlling mechanism to have everyone tell you all the negative ways in which you are different from the norm. It’s all designed to get us to shut up, sit down, fall back in line and quietly pay our mortgage.

I’ve said before that you need to actively guard your mind against negative programming. You’re life will never get better if you live in fear, if you focus on scarcity, or if you let the external define who you are. The world is so overwhelmingly negative that it is really hard to define yourself on your inner coordinates by accident. We have to focus on what we want – simplicity, joy, abundance, wealth, health or we will be moving away from these outcomes. The whole structure of society is to move us away from these outcomes. Life changes once you realise that.

Many of us come home and suffer turmoil anew. Petty fights over lack of money, who’s turn it is to do the dishes, and when the garden will finally get pruned. The shit that gets dumped on us all day builds uo. It builds up to boiling point just as you come home. How many nights have you walked in the door to your house and unloaded a giant mountain of crap on our family?

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We decided to be a little brave. We decided to do things differently. We call our house the “little house of good vibrations”. Our walls were built to hold harmony and happiness. Happiness gets trapped in with the heat, but it leaks the bad stuff like a sieve. We programme each other with positive, enabling and exciting words and thoughts. “Take that grumpy thought and the person having it into the woods” we say to our son when he has a tantrum.  “Daddy needs go garden ’til he come back happy” he says in reply. We want our house to be a house of harmony. A safe atoll in a sea of panic, pessimism and the pathetically disempowering cultural narrative that pervades life in the west.

People will say I’d a house of harmony myself, “but my partner is so grouchy they’d never agree” or “but we are so poor!”.  To that I’d say change yourself. Make it so. See what happens.

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