The abundance mindset: Part of the critical path of successful simple living

“The cost of a thing is the amount of life which is required to be exchanged for it”

Henry David Thoreau

One of the things I recall about starting my journey in simple living is that off the bat I felt like a second class citizen.

I was focused on lack, on scarcity. Because a vast proportion of my money was saved I never had money for anything. I had a feeling that I was missing out. I was centred on lack of money to the extent that when people treated me like a hobo I felt hurt. At that point my clothes were substantially newer than they are today. There weren’t any holes in my shoes and I wasn’t a hair farmer. The joke if I’d noticed it was that guys and gals in flash corporate clothing that were treating me badly probably had less in the bank than I did (at that point a little over $100k).

My early experience of simple living was bitter sweet. On the one hand I was begining to harvet the benefits of frugality and minimalism. I was becoming aware of my economic slavery and I was seeing how little freedom I actually had. But, at the same time my self worth was taking a hammering. All because of my perceptions of other people’s behaviour towards me.

Slowly I began to see everything differently. By any modern western standard, and especially considering most people have less than $1000 in savings, I was very rich. I shifted away from a focus on poverty and scarcity in line with our family principles toward what I was grateful for, what I had and what I wanted in the future. This mental evolution changed my life.

Now I’m thriving in a simple lifestyle. I notice abundance in every area of my life. I feel blessed. I am intimately connected to living a more localised, quieter, and simpler life. I’m happier,and less hostile. I feel successful, clever and brave. When I’m on a train, a bus or out in a public space I freely shrug off peoples negative emotions. Truth be told I probably don’t even notice . I try not to judge their personal insecurity.

I smile because they may never know what they are missing if they keep living the corporate (or corporations) dream.

Life on the other side is better.

You’ll only discover for yourself if you are brave enough to give simple living a chance.

If you do try, give yourself a big head start by getting your head in the right space first.

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