The enslavement of children (your children) by you!

“Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery”

Wayne Dyer



I suspect that most parents would be horrified to learn that they have been unwittingly swindled into a contract where they have passed the ownership of their child’s physical body to a CORPORATION that is listed with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Be horrified though, because if you have registered the birth of your child in any country in the world you have almost certainly turned your little bundle of joy into a commodity and at the same time you consented to that commodity being ‘owned’ by someone other than  you. While you remain the guardian you are no longer the legal owner of the child. The possession of the legal title is now the Government’s and in many countries the Government is simply a corporate entity listed on a stock exchange like Monsanto.

As a parent I’d like to think that my child is sovereign. The thought that he is owned or enslaved is heartbreaking, but this runs against the corporate logic of the world. The child is a thing and a thing must be owned by somebody. This is an inversion of what I wish for my son. I want him to grow up to be an independent, self-governing altruistic man. I’d like to watch him grow, individuate and live his life by common law principles like do onto other as you would have them do to you. I do not see him as a thing, a possession or a commodity to be owned by anyone. He should be free and sovereign. Allowed to live as he pleases so long as it doesn’t cause loss or injury to another living soul.

Of course the Government is having none of this. They bind him in economic slavery from birth to steal his labour (tax), to determine where he can go, what he can say, what he can and can’t ingest, who he may marry, what types of jobs he can have, how he may travel. They turn him from a natural man with unalienable rights into an EMPLOYEE and a CONSUMER and a TAXPAYER who must do what he is told.

As a first time parent I had no clue that we were transferring legal title of our son to the Government. At that point I didn’t even realise the Government was a company like Monsanto. The process by which the Government steals your child is through the creation of what is called a STRAWMAN. The STRAWMAN is a legal fiction set up corporatize the natural child thus making them legally accountable to pay tax and submitting them to be governed by statutes (the law of the corporation).

It is shocking to discover that your child is the chattel of a company, but you are the chattel of a company too like your parents before you. When I say that we are economic slaves I mean exactly that. The clever trick in all of this is that the truth has been systematically kept from us. We are slaves, but we think we are free.

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