An idle man’s master plan

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life”


If your life is a complex mess, if work is making you hate your life, or if you feel like your house is more like a warehouse than a home then maybe simple living is for you.

I feel one should start the simple living journey by filling the void inside. We all have a void. We try to fill this with attention seeking, possessions and self obsessions, but the void only ever disappears when we remember who we are. You see we seem to forget who we are in birthing process, but who we are is so fundamental to our existence that it’s critical to rediscover your true self. This step alone will naturally lead to simpler living while radically improving the quality of your life .

Through the process of self-discovery you will probably arrive at a conclusion about the importance of spending your waking life as a consumer of matter. We have been hijacked into the life of the consumer by social and economic forces constructed to enslave us from birth. This is isn’t how we should live if the goal for our life is happiness.

To really kick things off shed all of the bills and payments that you can, learn skills to do things yourself and embrace trade, bartering, community building and freeganism. Unbank my friends!

Freeing up your money will give you some money to invest and this cycle compounds to the point where you can conclude that work is stupid and that you don’t really need to do it anymore.

Of course you could complete these steps in reverse order: give up work, invest money, stop paying bills, get over consumption and you would have all the time in the world to find yourself, but the first way is probably easier because it minimises pain and the process will accelerate as you preserver with it.

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