Worshipping the mobile god

“All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring”
Chuck Palahniuk

Mobile phone addiction is starting to really annoy me. In one sense I can understand the mobile phone as a tool. A technology which is as intimate to humanity as the anthill is to the ant. It has been argued that the anthill is a part of the phenotype of the ant and our technology could be viewed similarly except that an anthill supports the life of the ants. Our technology on the other hand is suffocating our natural symbiotic relationships with our world. In many ways our technology is destroying the culture, environment and the world that we live in and mobile phones are a fantastic illustration of this. On the one hand your smart phone allows you to be connected to the world wide web of infinite consciousness, knowledge and information. At the push of a button the user becomes a telepathic entity able to instantaneously project an idea to the otherside of the planet.

However, and this is a big however phones emit electro-magnetic radiation at levels that are probably not safe for humans. I have a sense that in 20 years we will probably view the health consequences of the mobile phone in similar terms to how we view smoking cigarettes today. Here we are gaily enraptured with a device that is significantly disrupting the invisible electro-magnetic field that surrounds us and supports our health. To see the effects of this Google –“cell phone in beehive”. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that bees are smarter than us for when exposed to the constant pulse of the cell phone bees will not return to the hive. Over a longer period of exposure than a minute or two the entire hive of bees will flee from their home never to return. Now I’m not as smart as a bee and even I can figure out that isn’t a good sign.

In partnership with the delirious health impacts are the social impacts that cell phones are having on our society. Take a look at the city surrounds. The default posture is eyes down face illuminated by microscopic flatscreen. So utterly enthralled by this addictive technology we stumble from place to place without social grace and ever so clumsily bumping into any and everything. Why have we let ‘liking’ facebook posts take precedence over gazing into the eyes of our lover or listening to the imaginations of our children? Why to we allow the bleep of the device to snatch our attention from more potent ruminations and mysteries of life?

I long for the day when cell phone users become the smokers of the day. Forced into dim little alcoves away from the rest of us to partake of their dirty little button fiddling habits. Far enough away that there aren’t ay secondary health consequences for the rest of us.

Moble phones are just a tool people. They are not some new god.

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