Natural animals (you might call them children)

“Fractal geometry’s repeating patterns provide a scientific framework for the principle that mystics call “as above, so below”. We are clearly part of the Universe, not an add-on afterthought whose job it is to ‘conquer’ Nature”.

Bruce Lipton

Have you ever noticed how your child acts chaotically when you take them shopping. You may find yourself constantly disciplining their behavior because normal childhood tendencies are not aligned to expected shopping behavior. The lights, sparkles, music and everything about the environment is set up to excite and of course your little bundle of consciousness reacts to excitement with hyperactive, somewhat aggressive style of play where they run away and generally act like someone else’s kid (or at least you wish they were).

Now take that same kid or a group of kids to the beach and what happens. You discipline less. You play more. Almost any behaviors are acceptable. Unlike the mall or an artificial playground there are enough of everything that there are no ‘sharing’ fights. About the only tanty you see is when you are packing up to bicycle home (or maybe you drove which is a far less empowering travel choice for a child).

What I getting at here is that if you want calm, caring, considerate children give them lots of natural play environments. Shield them from artificial, [wo]man made, over stimulating environments as much as you can. Your child is not a mini consumer in training pants so don’t pattern their behavior to become one. Your child is a natural animal. A biophillac being that needs contentedness to healthy natural environments to thrive. Give the mall a miss. Hit the river bank, a park, a forest, the beach, a mountain or row out to an island. Anywhere natural will do.

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