The war on personal freedom

“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a [wo]man, you take it”

Malcolm X

Since 2001 western countries have been fighting a war against terrorism (whatever that is). Eventually a war between two nations will end, but what a marvelous bit of serendipity for the industrial-military-complex to have an un-winnable war against an english noun. It’s literally a blank cheque for those without ethics and a total disregard for the sanctity of human life. Recent events in Paris give yet another justification for interventionist military activity. Whatever really happened at Charlie Hebdo there is enough out there to question the official narrative. What concerns me most though is that the immediate reaction of Governments has been to stamp down on civil liberties. Spain for example has pushed through a new law banning public protest with a whopping 600,000 euro fine if you decided to go out with a group of mates and protest the fact that they passed such a contrived piece of legislation. Its also now illegal to film the police in public places. So if you see a Rodney King in Seville best not pick up your camcorder expecting a just result.

Since Spain is part of the EU other European nations should expect similar erosion of their freedoms as soon as the their Spanish mates prove they can land it without massive public discord. Another worrying area is our internet freedoms. At the moment the internet lets you and I post whatever thoughts, photos, video or audio that we wish to share. This is problematic for controlling the worlds official narratives and most problematic for the ruling class is that it doesn’t allow us to be programmed in the way that they could in the TV generation. It now seems inevitable that the brakes will be put on the internet. In 15 years you will be reminiscing about the world wide web as you search unsuccessfully on CNNet for a recipe written by Reuters. Following the Hebdo incident all signs suggest that the internet is now the next massive target for world leaders to stitch up. Since almost the birth of the internet our online activities have been spied on remotely, but now these unscrupulous types seem hell bent on placing stringent controls on our means to communicate electronically. Ironically it’s the country that claims to the world’s champion of free speech – USA that is leading the charge on shutting down the honest, open and free exchange that the internet allows us. We can’t let these guys win. We need to protect our rights. We need to stop fighting for freedom and become peaceful, helpful and tolerant people, but above all we need to aggressively protect a free internet at all costs.

One thought on “The war on personal freedom

  1. How scary is that. You bring up an excellent point. Never would I have thought that our internet freedom would be taken from us but with all of the incidents lately that could very well be what’s next…Great reflection and blog. Glad I stumbled across you.

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