Summer Projects

One of the criticisms, which I prefer to see as improvement opportunities, is that we don’t really list the practical projects that we plan or complete. It is a fair point. Largely this is because there are a zillion how to youtube videos and websites out there, but too few people seem to be interested in putting this wonderful information into action. Our response was to build this site around what and why of simple living rather than the how. To my way of thinking once you have the idea you can always find out how to put it into practice.

Still here are a few of the practical projects that I have on the go at the moment.

  • Building a small park bench seat with and for my small son.
  • Starting up a community food swap co-operative where all of our neighbours come together to swap and trade produce, jams sauces and so on. My sister set one up and I really like how it has bought her area together.
  • Building a new transport mountain bike. I will buy the frame new. A good frame can last 25 years. All the rest of the components I intend to acquire through trades, second hand or by volunteering at a local bike shop and a local green bikes project (building second hand free/very cheap bikes for transport disadvantaged people).
  • Starting up our new business. More details on this later.
  • Building two new garden planter boxes and renewing one retaining wall that holds up half of our land (including the main walk in accessway).
  • Repainting one weather affected area of our cabin. It needs a good scrape and sand first. Hopefully I’ll have the help of my father for the painting bit. Over the years we’ve had some really great talks and good bonding while doing stuff like this together.
  • Building a new patio gate with roller wheels to lock a toddler in patio prison and avoid having to recover him from a forest hiding place.
  • Reinvigorating our community beer project. Last year we made a few batches of neighbourhood ale. I firmly believe good ale is compost for the soul and ours was no exception. Everyone involved loved it.The making, the drinking and the comradery, but then we all got busy. I also did a wee social experiment to see if someone else would kickstart it again, but they haven’t so I will.

That is it for Jan/Feb for me. I know Ms Simple has quite a few things on the go including raising seedlings for sale, endless sowing projects (I can’t keep track – seriously), orchard improvements and harvesting our current crops of berries and stone fruit for eating and for jam’s, chutney’s and sauces. In between she’s planning to stain the portico floor and make new skirting boards and a door jam. All while keeping an eye on two juveniles (me and the boy).

There is no end to what you can achieve if you turn off the electronic reproduction of life and go outside instead.

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