Oneness enfolded in the implicate order

“Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy”

David Bohm

Have you ever noticed how many facets of your life are set up to ensure you exist in conflict, isolation, helplessness and fear?

Its like our life as a child and the life that we live as an adult is on some polar continuum. We teach our children to share, to care, to listen, to be kind, to work together and to look for opportunities to help other people.

But, we grow into a dog eat dog world. We compete for rewards, money, jobs, and people to date. We horde toys. We lose trust. We learn hate. We perpetrate violence as the primary solution. Sharing annoys us. It can only be a sign of a failed life. We lend out of pity, not compassion.

Many workplaces preach team work and family values then reward a handful of people at the apex and completely shit on the rest of the workforce. Every year some unlucky souls will lose their livelihood over a few low months. Where is the family values then? The CEO spouts platitudes and positive rhetoric while enveloping their staff in cultures of blame avoidance, self promoting, tattle tailing, assertive and aggressive microcosms. You are alone. Your job is in jeopardy.There are people that will do it for far less money. Work harder or we go off shore. Give up your benefits. Our competitors don’t take holidays. Be afraid. Be our slave.

Meanwhile thanks to our governments and the corporations that own them our communities are breaking down faster than any other time in history. Particularly so in urban areas. Neighbours are civil, but families lead much more private lives. In former times small bands of humans worked together. Through collectivism, mutual aid and mutual support we tamed the wilderness in tightly woven clans and carved out our niche in the environment. Nowadays our news propagandist media tells us that we are alone and in danger. Fire, ISIS, terrorists, robbers, cancer or a car smash is going to get you any minute.  The worst part is the constant messaging that you are helpless and change is impossible. The world can only be this way. Wealth bubbling up. The middle class slipping into abject poverty.

These cultural narratives aren’t relevant anymore. In fact they never were. When society reaches a point where it can always find money for war, but never enough to run hospitals effectively its time our fundamental world view shifted.

Spiritual gurus, people who have had near death experiences and almost every individual under hypnosis (who has been regressed into the space between incarnations) report a universal connectedness. The oneness of totality. A feeling of oneness sometimes called enlightenment is an experience available to anyone that would like a deeper understanding of themself.

When you interact with the world without duality or separation you can never feel alone. You cannot feel helpless if you can feel the implicate order unfolding. Its hard to compete or fight when there is only one (instead of two or many). You become kinder and more gentle. How differently we’d act towards our enemy if we saw the aspects of them we dislike in ourself. Connecting with oneness is living wholeheartedly. In harmony with morphic resonance of the unseen field of intelligence that surrounds us. Its a better way to live together.

Let’s try it for a change.

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