Getting to that point where you bought your last thing

“I went window shopping today! I bought four windows”

Tommy Cooper

I’m at the point where I’m not that concerned about accumulating material things. I walk past shop windows, but I never go in. There is no new phone, or shirt, or bowl, or jar, or car, or piece of sports memorabilia that can improve my life. There is nothing left that I need to buy. Truthfully there never was anything, but I needed a few years wasting all our salary to figure that out.

When your can opener breaks you have choices. The automaton in you goes straight to the store to replace it. The Bricoleur figures five new ways to break into a can with all manner of things. Those attuned to simple living and eating healthful food see this as a signal to stop eating food from cans.

Superficially you can affect your mood for about an hour spending thousands of dollars on new fangled merchandise, but even before you have it home and unwrapped that shiny new feeling is already fading. You just don’t buy into happiness.  You can’t fill that empty feeling inside by buying stuff. You can’t replace friends with toys. Happiness and the quality of your life is directly related to your connection with others. Work on becoming kind and open hearted instead of going shopping. Just imagine what that world would look like if everyone the world over started living this way.

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