Breaking down the fundamental myth

“Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now?”
Chuck Palahniuk

The fundamental myth of our way of living is that we improve the quality of our lives through excess consumption.

This entirely unsound ideology is driving our planet to collapse. At the same time it has caused massive wealth and social inequality and is leading to the disappearance of the middle class.

We are led to believe that life can only be this way. The economy, money and our lives can only be lived as we experience it breath by breath. We are discouraged from believing that there are any other ways to share the resources of the planet more fairly. This perfect system we find ourselves born into is natural. Of course the narcissistic, greedy warmonger families that have designed everything (over successive generations long before we were a glint in the eye of our Granddad) use their absolute power to ensure the media, schools and the government reinforce such belief systems. The are not devine, inevitable or natural ideas. It is all a human construct. The designers and owners of the system spread fear and lies when there is talk of change. They generate war for profit and use crisis for social reform that enhances their grip on the power structures. They pedal a cultural narrative that suits a small few at the expense of every single other person, animal, thing, idea, concern, piece of soil, droplet of ocean,  or star in the heavens. These myths aren’t enforced with pens or guns. Mostly they are enforced by your neighbour next door that expects you to act just like them and will make you feel uncomfortable when you don’t.  They’ve been trained how to think, how to feel and how to react their whole lives. Not they run their programme like good little robots. To some degree we all allow ourselves to remain prisoners in a self enforced system of social ties and self conscious conformity, but we both know it’s your life and you are breaking free (or just about to).

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