The education of an idler

“How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it”

Alexandre Dumas



I’m always relearning life through the lens of the small child.

In the presence of an imp I am the student not the teacher.

Small children can’t distinguish right from wrong. What is this distinction other than accepted conventions?

They don’t care if your jeans are Levi or Calvin Klein. Only that they need less clothing to be cool or mittens to make their fingers warm.

Children don’t draw a line between work and play.

There are no seasons. No days of the week. No minutes. No hours. No mealtimes.

Children are completely captured by the moment. They play with what is presented and long for nothing that is gone.

A child can sleep anywhere on anything.

Small ones are untroubled by history, culture, economics and politics unless extremism intrudes in their moment to moment experience.

They will run instead of walking. Climb when adults sit.

The most important lesson.

Children are captured by their dreams, and not what they fear.

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