Reflections on the simple living journey

“Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food”
Frank A. Clark

When we started our simple living journey it was because we both hated work. I mean, come on, don’t you?

It wasn’t really about simple living. It was about finding an alternative to the daily grind of survival.

Reflecting few years down the track with considerably more savings, but it isn’t just about hating work now:

We have a take it or leave it attitude to almost everything. Like if someone is offering me cake, maybe I’ll eat it, but I am certainly not going to go to the hassle of baking and there is no way I’m buying an edible food like substance in a shop that they have labelled ‘cake’.

You develop other interests because you become bored with the standard conversations. We don’t care about the new iDevice, because we didn’t watch TV or buy the magazine that reported how sensational it is. It gets to the point where you just can’t make yourself care while your friend describes the cool stuff they can do with their new toy.

You’ll become more earthy. In many ways you haven’t taken any steps on your simple living journey until this happens.

Life will be about people. Putting material concerns to one side makes personal relationships all the more obvious and important.

Your life will be richer. This is a obvious by-product of having more time to do what you like and spending more time with your kids.

There is no doubt you will be cleverer and more skilled. I think its also fair to say you will routinely do things that will make you proud of yourself or proud of your family.

There might be less money, the same money or more money, but there will certainly be enough money. That is the big difference for us.

At some point you stop feeling like you are missing out. My advice is the sooner you change your mindset the better!

Life will be more real. Your experience will be more direct.

If I was asked to guess if your life would be better I’d say ‘yes!’. All things being equal I think many people would experience a better quality of life taking measures to simplify. Life is becoming ever more complicated, but we aren’t becoming happier because of our technology, social networks or complicated economic arrangements.

One thought on “Reflections on the simple living journey

  1. Although I am still in the beginning stages I have still experienced the benefits of the non-material rewards that come along with it. More time in nature and more time to spend with friends and family certainly out way the next model of a new car.

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