How to unblock a toilet with your bare hands and other bare knuckle sports

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

Napoleon Hill

Sometimes things go wrong and the fact that things go wrong seems to be the reason why we cling to things we can generally do without. We cling to money in case of emergency. We fill our shed with tools we don’t know how to use just in case we might find time to remodel our kitchen. We cling to acquaintances that drain us of time, money and the will to live.

Things will go wrong. Period.

Simple living requires a subtle shift to view problems as an opportunity to build intellectual muscles in the same way that lifting weights would strengthen your thighs. As you push against and overcome each problem you become a fitter, smarter and a more skilled Bricoleur.

You don’t need stuff to fix problems.

This morning our toilet was blocked and I’m here to tell you that you can unblock a choked toilet with your bare hands although I wouldn’t recommend eating a sandwich immediately afterwards. Of course you could always wear gloves.

You can unblock a toilet with a coat hanger.

You can unblock a toilet with the toilet brush (but my experience tells me it’s better to wrap the brush head in a plastic bag first).

You can unblock a toilet with a tree branch.

You can unblock a toilet with a garden hose.

And, you can unblock a toilet in any number of ways without the proper tools.

Obviously you can unblock that shitter with a store bought plunger, but for less cost you can easily make your own state of the art toilet plunger.

The rub is that many of us unblock our toilet with an iPhone. It’s a bit icky so we call a plumber who does a wee pantomime and then charges us a bomb and the kitchen sink!

My point here is that everything is on a continuum starting from ignore it or pitch in with bare hands.

How low on that continuum you choose to reside is up to you, but how low you are living will have a very direct relationship to how much money you have available to invest each month.

Sometimes living simply means having your arm up to the elbow in crap, but in my opinion having to do this once in a while  beats having to go to work everyday.

Dirty hands down.

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