Ridiculous ways of living

“Families are struggling against a tide of junk information on junk food”

Diane Abbott

Some of the things that we eat are kind of ridiculous. I guess we don’t really think about it because it is ‘normal’. A strongly reinforced part of our shared cultural narrative aggressively pushed on us by massive agricultural conglomerates. They marketed our parents hard. Right in their blind spot. Healthy kids need calcium, protein and vitamins and boy oh boy can we tell you where to get those

Milk. Full grown cows don’t drink cow’s milk. It is an infant formula for a creature that grows to be 2000 lbs. The thought of sucking on the udder of a cow isn’t appealing. We think we need the calcium (that cow’s got from eating grass) because it’s better than the calcium we get from eating an array of other more nutritious plants.

Take honey. Honey is insect vomit.

Eggs. The period of a chicken. Ewwh!

Meat. The carcass of a dead animal is good for you. Seriously? Give a child a lamb and a banana and you’d be horrified to see that kid tear into the gut of the lamb with her teeth and tear flesh out blood dripping down the front of her pretty white dress. No she’ll play with the lamb and eat the fruit. Why not eat your dog or a cat? What is the difference. But meat tastes good. That’s why most meat is smothered (disguised) by fruit. Tomato sauce, apple puree, orange rind think about it. If you were meant to eat meat your jaw and teeth would look different. You’d have a host of different enzymes in your gut. Why do we call it veal, bacon, steak or pork instead of deer, pig and cow.

When you were 5 years old you most likely loved animals. They fascinated you and they were your friends. What changed?

Chemicals. What is food additive 144 or flavor enhance 621 or thickener 1422? If it isn’t in your pantry or you’d need a triple PhD in food science to pronounce it, then you can probably give it a miss from adding it to your shopping basket.

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