Be kind and rewind

“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage”

Billy Corrigan

Rewind. It’s like 2004.

We’re both young professionals. Degree qualified. Five or so years into a career. Both with vision, aptitude and energy to become top 10% in our respective fields. We work, we study, we take extra assignments. We work weekends. We never sleep.

We’re closing in on a combined quarter million dollars in salary.

We hate our lives, but we put these thoughts of dissatisfaction from our minds. We are the privileged few.

We are success personified. Our mothers are proud.

We buy a house. The GFC (Global Financial Crisis) hits.

We have a kid. Then another.

We wake from our slumber in the matrix.

Neither of us can stand work. We both want to resign, or kill ourselves or kill ourselves to resign.

What is this life that could break two capable people so totally in one decade?

Not totally. We still have a fearless determination and a spirit of adventure.

In an act of madness we both quit to an uncertain future.

The Universe it seems is ready to offer us a synchronicity.We are forced to discover simple living and we realize we don’t need much more money to carry us through the rest of our life.

We play with our kids. Play as our work and run our bank account to ground zero, but once again fate smiles on us in a series of miraculous windfalls until we find our feet on the other side of corporate containment.

We can never be caged again. We become sufficient and independent. We outgrow hopelessness. We regret our  time as, helpless prisoners of a heartless machine.

Now we are free.

Join us.

Live simply.

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