Homespun or Hollywood programs?

“Hollywood is not suited for me, and I am not suited for it”

Dr. Seuss


If this blog were to have a popular music theme song it might be this, this or perhaps this.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. If you don’t take charge and program your mind your mind will be programmed. It is an inevitable consequence of the mass media bombardment of our senses.

In years past it was virtually impossible to give maintsteam media, music and movie culture a miss. But, now we don’t need to watch the news. I mean it’s even called a TV program and a fear based one at that!

Music is the same. Popular music is increasingly a negative program. Normalising over sexualised, aggressive, violent and greed behaviours. If you know anything about music you’ll know about the 440 hz v 432 hz debate. For those that don’t for some reason in very recent history all corporate music shifted from 432 hz to 440 hz. The cited reasons for this is very thin. So thin in fact that it is hard to believe at face value.

Strap on your tinfoil hat for a second. We know that different sound frequencies affect behaviour and that exposure to very high frequencies is unpleasant to the point that it can trigger mania. Now there isn’t anything to say that 440 hz has any sort of delerious affect on humans, but lets say it was discovered that prolonged exposure to 440 hz sound threw people a little off balance. Let’s say it made people a bit fearful and a little stressed, but at a level almost too subtle to be perceived by the individual. Now do you think the people that own the music industry are the kind of people that would want to make that kind of a change? Would a 440 hz program (assuming it was throwing you off) work to their interests or against it?

Okay you can take the tinfoil hat off now. What I am really saying here is that that way mass media signals influence us is hard to fully comprehend. What is more we definitely should not assume that the owners of these international cartels have our best interests at heart.

But there is some great news. Thanks to a new medium – the internet, we can bypass these influences entirely. There are fantastic content creators across the globe making positive content like this guy that translates music back to a 432 hz base. Listen and see if you notice a difference in terms of calmness, tranquility, happiness or harmony.

There are other content creators with inspiring positive messages springing up all over the internet. The great part of this story is that you now have the means to fill your head with the types of things that you choose and you don’t have to listen, see or ever be exposed to the Rupert Murdoch agenda.

We can design our own programs.

And, if truth be told if this blog were to have a theme song it would most likely be a barely recognizable piece of music played on a guitar or a ukulele by a very unskilled right local artist. We’ve come to think of music as something that is a mass produced, professionally developed and passively consumed, but much of the fun in music is to be had in gathering a group of untalented amateurs and producing a little fun for an intimate audience. There are few experiences better than a small fire, some good ale (compost for the soul) and home spun music.

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