Anarchy around the Formica family table

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive”

Sid Vicious

Being freedom oriented we have a healthy dose of anarchistic conversation around the dinner table. My son is probably going to grow up with a fundamental skepticism of authority and the a basic distrust of the party line they pedal and I’m ok with that.

Anarchistic philosophy is normal in our house to the degree we forget its not mainstream.  As a result we sometimes have amusing exchanges with people that are very much of the view that the Prime Minister/President is some sort of deity and that every word they read from a teleprompter is pure fact.

The most obvious thing I’ve observed about these folks is that any anarchistic comment makes them extremely uncomfortable. They’re supremely defensive if you highlight verifiable facts that the official story really deserves considered critical examination. It’s  understandable because recognising stuff like this can irreversibly shatter your safe world view.

The other thing I notice is that they always say that they have an open mind, but they don’t. Their mind is closed tight. Only facts that agree with their fixed view get any attention.

If you seek truth and freedom it starts with opening your mind.

Like if you show me creditable evidence of aliens or of a government administration serving the people before big business then I am open to it being possible. Show me enough evidence and I’ll accept it no matter if its main street or side street thinking.

I also question everything. Everything.

We are born into a world where the rules of the game were set up centuries ago to ensure the current ruling lineage enjoys a privileged life and that their future generations will enjoy the same or more control and influence. They own all the doors, the keys and the locks. All the information channels from birth to death are advocating their interests at the expense of us regular folk. Every institution you come into contact with from pre-school to the corporation is programming you to accept fundamental constructs that are simply someone else’s idea of how your life should be.

There are no reasons that things need to be this way and turning out to vote can never result in the fundamental shift that is needed to free humanity from our ideological and economic prison.  Most people can’t see the prison bars. Not surprising when so much effort and money is poured into distracting you from opening your eyes.

So tally-ho the anarchists. Upset the authorities. Write your own rules. Participate when it suits and pull back when it doesn’t.

Be free.

Seek truth.

Live simply.

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