Maxims for living well in the age of intolerance

“Hatred is wasted energy”


The purpose of life is happiness.

Your focus should be on meaning and energy. This is all that really matters in life.

Eat to improve your health and sleep and meditate to enhance your energy levels.

You were born to move so use all of the capacities of that vessel of the self.

Connecting with people is your paramount daily achievement.

Spreading joy is your mission.

Love is mutual admiration and its a verb which means to feel loved one must action acts of love.

Be engaged, kind and sensitive. Everyone you meet is on their journey through life as are you.

Place the touch of happiness on everyone you meet and in everything you do.

You have the power to improve the emotional circumstances of everyone you encounter.

Choose to be selfless over selfish.

Heal continuously. Harm rarely.

Above all…care!

When care returns your neighbourhood will be a brighter place to live.

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