The souless soleless shadow

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness

Joseph Campbell


Once again I find myself sole-less. It’s somewhat surprising since I’m digging reading the ruminations of this chap right now. A sole soul of another sort I suppose. If there are two things I would like in my life it would be sturdy shoes and expanded consciousness.

I look online at ‘buy it for life’ websites, but I’m sort of resigned to wearing out shoes. It seems to be an inevitable result of choosing a self propelled life. Really I’m not all that worried about shoes. Any will do. Preferably not leather and not formed from the labour of a slave.

As to my second wish it is simply a matter of prioritizing time for the internal journey over the cut and thrust of daily life. Our days are so busy and the pantomime so urgent and so important that it dominates the entirety of our available time and energy. I’d always known that meditation was good to me, but when I worked full time I rarely found the time..

Reflecting nowadays I don’t recognise myself as the child I once was. That life is so distant from the way I live now. I don’t care about material success. Or material things…even shoes. I am poorer, but my quality of life is much better. I am more fulfilled. I’m calmer and more happy. I can dip my toes into and out of the world as I please. Like a shadowy stranger with nothing vested and nothing to spin in the Casino. I watch situations with a dispassionate distance. Often times a chaotic storm swirls around me while I access an inner stillness and marvel at the breeze. We over rate this 5 cent (sense) reality. Believing our eyes or ears over our feelings. We value logic more than creativity. We talk when we should listen. These are all temporary states. Habits that can change.

In your busy life how many books do you dismiss for lack of time, how few rich conversations are you exposed to, or how little time do you have to stop and think deeply? Do you have time to help others? Do you even have time to help yourself?

Simple living has given me time an opportunity to play more than I work and with that I have had space to think. This in my opinion has been the greatest gift.

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