Me? Just following the herd…

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
Albert Einstein

Life is a bit weird.

It’s weird to me that people spend the lion share of their life doing tasks so stupid and pointless that nobody would do them if they weren’t paid. The rest of their life is spent staring at a screen or buzzed out on prescription meds, drugs or alcohol.

We work for tokens that allow us to live.


The materials in these tokens are worth less in real terms than a metal bottle cap, but I’m supposed to want them so much I’d kill you for them. The more of your life, values, spirit and individuality you are willing to forfeit the more tokens you collect.

Well done Mario. Next level achieved. Just watch out for turtles!

The benefits of this system are that the planet is being destroyed and families just like yours (in another neighbourhood) are being killed and discarded like human waste. The police are militarized because the rich are afraid, but I don’t think they have anything to fear. We tweet when we should talk. People have 1000 facebook friends but nobody to spend their birthday with. Social connects are broken down everyday. Their is no heart in communities anymore.
Life is to thrive, not just to survive, but witnessing the madness of daily life one can’t wonder where it all went wrong for the human race? Likely a few influential families had all too much to do with it, but what perplexes me is how many people just wander with the herd doing exactly what they are told. Still doing what they are told when they lose their house in a default mortgage to a corrupt banking system. Still doing what they are told when they are made redundant from the job they’ve worked hard at for 30 years. Still doing what they are told when their social relationships wither after decades of neglect in the face of overworking and programmed disestablishment of community by government and corporations. Still doing what they are told while dying from a disease acquired from poisonous corporate food. Still following the lead of corrupt politicians and corporate megalomaniacs.
When will this thing turn around? When will the masses wake from the dream and demand a better, fairer, cleaner world? We have all the technology, cleverness and innovative ability and the man (sic) power on our side. We the people have the power to change anything we like whenever change is needed. We need to turn things around before the owners of this planet turn up the noise and give us an even worse version of what they’ve been giving us up till now. How much worse does it need to get before we collectively demand a paradigm shift in global human behaviour?

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