The idle antidote to a miserable existence in corporate hell

“It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man”

Benjamin Franklin


“Every man is, or hopes to be, an Idler”
Samuel Johnson

Think of a number.

The number is the exact amount of money you need to escape the trudge to work with all the other drones.

Got it?

Right then, what are you going to do with yourself now?

Most likely you’re going to act like you’re on holiday for a while, but after whatever period you are going to fill your life up with activity to the point you might find yourself busier and more stressed than when you worked at a corporate everyday.

Can I suggest an alternative lifestyle? It’s a lifestyle choice you could implement immediately if you want.

Be idle. Stay in holiday mode.

Stop thinking of yourself in robotic or mechanistic ways. You are not a tool for economic productivity. Your wellbeing will not increase one jot by ticking off another to do. If you must have a list make it a ta-da list instead.

You are a being and you must learn to be. Be idle.

To become more fulfilled find how to be. Take life as it is. Don’t feel the need to claw one small stitch from an inconsequential corner of the fabric of life. We push and shove and dig and build only to make monuments to our ego. Our achievements are largely our futile attempt at impermanence. A legacy that we hope will outlive this spacesuit built with a slow leak.

Forget that vanilla fear-based consumer thinking. Reject it outright. Consider your death. Get cool with it.

Between that point and this…

Spend time. Stroll. Be present. Enjoy the small things. Connect with loved ones. Give away all material pleasures for the fulfilment and enjoyment that only an idler has time to savour.

Sure we idlers are poor, but you are unlikely to find a happier bunch.

1. not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing: idle workers.
2. not spent or filled with activity: idle hours.
3. not in use or operation; not kept busy: idle machinery.
4. habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy.
5. of no real worth, importance, or significance: idle talk.
6. having no basis or reason; baseless; groundless: idle fears.
7. frivolous; vain: idle pleasures.
8. meaningless; senseless: idle threats.
9. futile; unavailing: idle rage.

verb (used without object)
10. to pass time doing nothing.
11. to move, loiter, or saunter aimlessly:
12. to idle along the avenue.
13. (of a machine, engine, or mechanism) to operate at a low speed, disengaged from the load.

verb (used with object)
14. to pass (time) doing nothing (often followed by away):
15. to idle away the afternoon.
16. to cause (a person) to be idle:
17. the strike idled many workers.
18. to cause (a machine, engine, or mechanism) to idle: I waited in the car while idling the engine.

19. the state or quality of being idle.
20. the state of a machine, engine, or mechanism that is idling: a cold engine that stalls at idle.

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