Simple living…not having to think about it

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves”

To me simple living is not having to think.

You disengage the conscious mind when you design low cost of living, healthy routines and then let the autopilot take care of business. Drop all the complexity and unnecessary steps. Bore down on the essence of things.

This frees one’s mind for the bits of life that really matter.

Forget planning dinner right after lunch. Mentally auditing your recipe ingredients. Planning a trip to the grocery store to pick up all the bits that are missing. Spending 2 hours cooking and an hour cleaning up after.

Instead, begin the process at dinner. Pick what is fresh from your garden. Cook it simply. Steamed or oven baked. Eat it and move on with your evening.

Instead of constantly tiding, organize. Organize and abandon. Keep only items you use or those that give you joy. If the only time you touch it is to dust it…dust bin it.

Your house is a home. Not a warehouse.

Empty rooms. Consolidate your material needs.

Eventually if you end up with empty rooms you outta question if you need a house with 3 empty rooms. The more rooms, the more heating, the more home maintenance, the more cleaning (perhaps 🙂), the more worry, the more of your living wealth tided up in a liability.

Take away choice by creating a routine. Routines become habits and habits good and bad are hard to break.

Wake up in the morning and meditate, write, or run or whatever fulfils you. Instead of lying in bed at night wondering if you will run, or debating with yourself about whether the weather is running weather just relax. In the morning you will run because that is what you do and running is who you are.

2 thoughts on “Simple living…not having to think about it

  1. Too often our routines put us in a deep sleep. We wander unconsciously through our existence. Never questioning our behaviour or our life as economic slaves of of a despicable global elite.

    Why is this I wonder? How have they encoded their dream-state on our collective psyche?

    I guess a central theme on my blog is go ahead and corrupt the operating software that was installed on your system after birth. Once you’re off Microsoft you are free to write and run your own routine and programs that deliver the life you were born here to experience.

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