The miraculous audacity of life

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

Life gets right in your face. It gets between your teeth and deep in your ear sockets. No mater what delusion you self prescribe life keeps on at you. It hits before you open your eyes in the morning and it won’t let up until the moment your consciousness starts to idle at night.

It’s your life and it is going to happen whether you are ready or not.

You’ll be a long time dead so get out there today in the grit, goo and gumdrops and leave some of yourself out there in the world. Something that you are massively proud of. That’s not just another report today. It’s you smeared all over that page. Not just some building you’re working on. That’s either a monument to your ability or a flaky shitty concrete slab.

Leave your mark or make a stain, either way that is a piece of you out there for all to see. It can reflect everything that’s great about you or everything that isn’t.

Life is going to happen to, for or through you, but when the dancing stops your DNA and your soul juice will be forever pinned to something.

Whatever that something is you have the opportunity to make it fucking amazing.

So rise and shine sweetheart. Time to have at it.

Becoming comfortable with being different

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Augustine of Hippo

Inevitably you will encounter resistance in living simply. You won’t be living in some commune. You’ll be living in some regular house in some regular neighbourhood, but your home circumstance won’t be very much like your neighbours.

Like you probably won’t have a TV. You might plant cauliflower in your front berm. You might have furniture that you made. You’ll wear efficient but cheap clothing. You won’t have many or any cars. You may walk a lot and generally stay closer to home.

Whatever it may be it will be different than mainstream and as soon as you cross that line in the sand you are up for massive ridicule.

Let’s say I tell you that the world is flat. It’s not a spinning spherical ball like you’ve been told.

Examine your reaction to me – this guy is moron. Everyone knows the world is a globe. If I persisted with this claim you would probably conclude that I am some sort of nut. But, examine my claim and your knowledge on this subject. Like how do you actually know its a ball. Because you were told right. You’ve seen photo’s from space. End of discussion.

You’re so certain you are right that you’d be prepared to take a silly little test and because you are so certain you will obviously fly through and prove me the moron I am. So go here and read the 200 logic points that suggest the earth is flat. Take my challenge and effortlessly refute any 5 of these 200 arguments. Any five will do. Post comments by clicking the speech bubble under the title.

When people encounter different ideas and different ways of being they react according to their programming – they ridicule. The intent of this programming is to homogenize humanity and steer us all away from ever realising our potential as full individuated beings. My mother always told me that a mind is like a parachute – it only works when it is open. In adopting such a foundation view one is more open to new ideas and with that knowledge shifts. Its a collision course for ridicule because you will have ideas that are your own. They are not simply unfiltered propaganda parroted by the autopilot. As soon as you start seeking truth it doesn’t take long to appreciate how many things in our realm are not based in truth. They are deeply repeated and entrenched viewpoints with only superficial supporting evidence.

Unfortunately, the closer you start living to self evident truth the further you are living from community and their norms.

If you can’t find a depth of courage to follow your own ideals you won’t ever succeed with simple living. Don’t worry about the neighbours. Find reasons to be proud of wearing free t-shirts. Smile deeply when the ill educated tease you. Feel proud of your achievements when you are confronted by corporate zombies that try to steal your zest and compel you back into their prison lifestyles. Examine your guilt, shame, fear or discomfort and make what you are doing right with your soul. You can become a very happy and fulfilled person if you have the courage to turn off the highway and carve your own trail.

Your daily dose of misery, death, fear and greed

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”

Thomas Jefferson

If you get current events from a range of sources especially those outside the UK/USA media cartels you quickly see how this machine looks less like ‘news’ and more like cleverly crafted deliberately presented propoganda. The themes seek to repeatedly present a world of conflict, scarcity and insecurity. This justifies the need for war over natural resource.

The truth is that we have never led such good lives. The earth supplies an abundance of everything (if we use resources wisely and share equitably) and there is less death from violence and war than in any other point in human history.

All this peace and happiness is a huge problem. Global bankers, arms manufacturers and international profiteers from misery and strife don’t get rich in peacetime. These interests will ensure that every government in the world is embroiled in artificial conflict and perpetual war. For reasons that become apparent when you look into it the elite internationalists are into money and eugenics.  Constant neverending war involving the peoples of every nation is almost ideal for the beneficiaries. Eugenics goals and profit. You lend the money to the Governements on both sides to buy the arms exclusively from one of your companies and then you lend countries even more money to rebuild after the war.

War is great in eugenics terms because it’s the ‘undesirables’ that fight and die which is way more effective than the selective breeding efforts that have to be dressed up and delivered covertly. In war overtly killing a bunch of people is generally accepted thanks to the news media and the long established cultural narrative of good and evil, security and scarcity.

Nothing is going to change until the planet turns off the TV, burns the news papers and tunes out of CNN, BBC, ABC, & Fox. We need new stories and cultural ideas based around, community, sharing, caring and contentedness.  It starts when we stop lining up for our daily dose of voluntary mind control and begin getting information from independent sources with no vested interests in lying for profit of the worlds richest and most evil families.

All War’s are Banking Wars (43m) –Watch

Eugenics in practise (30m) – Watch

The stupid living model

‘Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”

Anais Nin

We’ve let ourselves be ensnared in an awful dirty trap. The trap goes something like this…

Buy stuff you don’t need on credit

Get into massive debt

Become enslaved in work to pay the bills

Get depressed, stressed and helpless

Seek escape with alcohol, drugs and shopping

Buy stuff you don’t need on credit…and repeat…

This is the stupid living life cycle.

The simple living model works a little differently:

Learn skills so you don’t need to pay people

…which allows you to massively cull expenses,eradicate debt and kill liabilities

…which means you can ease back on the work a little or maybe extricate yourself completely

…which gives you the time to do what you love.

The end.

Its a really nice model for living.

Multiple streams of passive income

“Success is doing
what you want
when you want
where you want
with whom you want
as much as you want”

Tony Robbins

Everyone wants passive income, but, sorry there is no such thing. Income automation exists and it is relatively easy to achieve, but the creation of income streams with no effort or work is a total myth. Income automation takes massive effort and every single stream will have a lifetime maintenance consequence.

Instead of passive income I like to think income automation or the decoupling of your time from how you earn money. This is at the root junction of simple living, because simple lifestyle or not you are going to have to earn some loot to fund your life.

Start with the simplest income automation. Earnings from dividends, stocks, bonds or bank accounts. It takes a massive effort, usually no less than a lifetime of work, to create the money to invest. Then after you invest you better watch it or one day you might wake up to a surprise. The more intelligent you are as an investor the less likely you’ll lose the house. So the maintenance on this type of income automation takes an ongoing effort of monitoring, researching, trading and learning about strategic investment.

Some people want to make passive income online by creating some form of knowledge product and sitting back while their bank fills up. The truth is this type of income automation is possible. But the creation of the product requires a massive amount of effort to deliver the kind of value that leads to rock-star sales. And besides, behind the curtain there is an ever shifting internet landscape of technology, culture and marketing methods that the seller needs to stay up to speed with to ensure ongoing sales. Again the effort to achieve automation is massive and there is maintenance work required.

Unfortunately there are a lot of young people getting seduced by internet marketers that are selling how to get rich information that tells people to sell how to get rich information on to other people. Basically, a pyramid selling scheme where the guy at the top is probably doing great, but most other people driving trucks and doing it part-time are losing all their spare money down a rabbit hole.

A lot of people blog in hopes of a 7 figure internet income. Its just another money making venture and after a couple of years they give up when the loot fails to reward the effort. We don’t make a dime off this blog. Never have and never expect to. This blog is about living better by spending less so there is no point plugging products because the type of people I’m trying to reach shouldn’t be wasting capital on e-products! Even the ads you see below some of my posts were forced in here by WordPress inc because the traffic was okay and I wasn’t greeding it out on advertising dollars. I’m okay they littered that junk on my pages since I use their technology free after all.

So let’s summarize: passive income isn’t passive. Or if it is it might be stupid behaviour spun up in a marketing narrative. For example I heard this one podcast of a get rich passive income guy where he talked about property. I actually own property and I’m a landlord and since I had the time I gave it a listen. Property is complicated there is a lot of risk and owing the wrong property can be a nightmare, but this guy says he drives around with his wife, takes a picture, flips it to a property manager and asks how much he can rent it for. If the answer is good he buys it and turns it over to the guy to manage for him. No inspections, no hassle, no knowledge required. Anyone who is a landlord can tell you how stupid that sounds. This guy is going to find out, if he hasn’t already (or perhaps he’s actually never owned a property) that failing to inspect can cost you hundreds or thousands or hunderdeds of thousands of dollars. There could be any sort of weathertightness issue or structural issue. Just flat out terrible advice from this ‘internet get rich expert’.

But, let me pivot to another train of thought and away from online hype merchants. If success is as defined in the lead in to this post, like if that is success then we made it already baby! No scammy schemes, no complex internet marketing, no get rich quick junk and most importantly no life time of corporate mortgage slavery. Whoop de whoop.

Right now I can mostly do what I want and I mainly like to spend time with my family. However, I guess I wish more of my friends weren’t so addicted to work and could come out and play. That aside I’ve automated some of my income a while ago, but I still enjoy working. Pretty much only free to help someone or on the odd paid caper that appeals to me. I think financial independence gives you a healthy agnostic view of work life balance. Like if you feel like sleeping in you do and if you get fired for being late – no sweat. Something will come up and there will still be vegetables in the garden for tea tonight.

The point of this post is that I’d like you to transform your thinking from millionaire get rich earning thinking and start living like a millionaire right away. You can live free whenever you choose and it doesn’t take multiple streams of passive income or millions of dollars, or junky property strategies to be free. All you have to do is to make freedom your priority. Once you do you’ll love life again. It becomes easier everyday you live freer than the last. Just free time to earn the minimum you need in the shortest time then spend the rest of the day doing things you love with all of the people that you love.

Only two things will survive the apocalypse: are you one of them?

“I’m convinced my cockroaches have military training, I set off a roach bomb – they diffused it”
Jay London

“There are only two things that will survive the apocalypse” my friend Sam said to me the other day, “hairy men and cockroaches”.

It was his humorous barb at my appearance. His comment on my hair farming venture and my bushy beard is that they make me look like some type of redneck survivalist.

I guess I am, but seriously what simple living gent can be bothered with the cost and hassle of face shaving everyday? I’m a survivalist in as much as I know the market will go up, but it will go down too. If you are saving a good proportion of whatever income you make you will have more money to invest when the market is climbing. The returns ought to be pretty good too. If it falls and your income is affected your lifestyle probably won’t have to change much because through simple living you’ll have savings and skills to solve most of life’s problems.

Simple living is an all weather strategy so I don’t mind being lumped in with the cockroaches.

Cheap Cheap (like the Budgie) Eats

“I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food”

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I wrote a post about living large while eating less than US$3 per person per day. More than a few people are skeptical especially those with lots of little mouths to feed. So here is a bit more detail.

Our family philosophy on food is that we prefer meals that:

  • Are simple to cook
  • Are fun to eat
  • Taste great
  • Are simple to clean up after
  • Provide us with optimum health
  • Prevent a multitude of modern diseases
  • Don’t cost the earth (figuratively and literally!)
  • Respect and value the other creatures with which we share our Earth

First off the fun in the meals comes from some entertainment. Like if we have burritos we all wear stupid giant Sombreros or if we have something French we might stick on some silly mustaches. Eating might be a mess, but it is usually pretty funny.

We also have around 3 standard breakfasts that we have most every day. About 5 lunches and probably less than 10 dinners that we repeat with slight variations of flavours and ingredients. This takes a lot of hassle out of shopping and preparing meals. If you review what you eat you will likely find a pattern of the same meals over the course of a couple of months. If this doesn’t jump out at you immediately just jot down a note of what you eat for 30 days and review it afterwards. Try to come up with 3/5/10 of your own fab favourites.

In addition to consolidating your recipes by systematizing the cooking process of say a curry you can simply create over 7,000,000 variants with little hassle, cost or ingredient diversity. I might write another post on this later.

And all this for around $3pp/pd!

On Monday this week we had:

Organic rolled oats ($5.35 per bag, lasts 3 people 1 week = 25c pp.pd)
Non dairy milk ($2.85 per carton, lasts 3 people 5 days ~ = 14c pp.pd – after correcting for 7 d)
Raisins ($1.10 per bag, lasts 3 people 3 weeks = 2c pp.pd)
Date puree (just dates boiled in water & blended $1.90 per bag, lasts 3 people 3 weeks = 3 c pp.pd)

Total: 44 c pp.pd (or $USD 29c @ 11 August 2015)

Baked wedges with salsa
Potatoes ($1.68 per kg. Use about 700g pp = $1.20 pp)
Salsa ($2.48 per jar, lasts 3 people almost 7 days = 11c)
Sprinkles (say curry powder or paprika, garlic and oregeno)
I’m not going to bother with sprinkles costs since your basic herb costs about $1 per packet and lasts 3-5 months.

Total: Let’s say $1.36 pp.pd or a whopping $USD 90c!


Say my 7,000,000 curry coming in for about $1pp.

This brings the grand total up to a tiny $2.19 (USD $1.40) leaving USD $1.60 pp.pd for fruit to snack on.

That is a lot of fruit where we live.

So maybe you don’t spend your $3 today.
It’s all good.
Save it and invest it.