Go next level dinner this Thursday with my 7,000,000 curry

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
Julia Child

Ever come home in the evening and not known what to cook? Did you ever think ‘gee it would be handy knowing how to make like 7,000,0000 recipes off the top of my head?’. Well I’m here to help with my 7,000,000 curry. Quick, easy, delicious, nutritious and never ever the same. Since you probably only have 35,000 dinners in this life (if you are lucky) you may well never need another recipe when the combinations in this one run well over 7,000,000 strong!

Ok, lets get in the kitchen.

Grab a large cast iron pan put it over the heat and get going.

Start with a base:
Vegetable stock to fry off the onions & garlic instead of oil. Its cheaper and healthier. Olive Oil is not a healthfood!

Add the curry (go international with that shit):
Spanish – paprika or smoked pakripa
Asian – miso
Satay – peanut butter and hot water
Indian – cumin, tumeric, corriander maybe garam masala
Thai – green or red curry paste

Add some moisture:
Tomatoes (or canned) or
water or
vege stock

Add a sweetener:
Date puree (just dates boiled with water and pureed)

Add veges:
Select colourful greens, purples, yellows, oranges and reds

Add the main Starch:
Black beans or
Kidney Beans or
Tofu or
Potato or
Corn or
Chickpeas or
White beans.

At this point you can add either a bit of coconut milk, some non-dairy milk or some cashews or almonds blended with water (a nut milk) if you like.

Last add some garnish:
pumpkin seeds or
sunflower seeds or
sesame seeds
coriander or
crushed peanuts or
slivered almonds or
bamboo shoots or
snow peas or
salt & pepper or

Serve over a starch like rice, or mashed sweet potato or potato.

By varying the ingredients against the formula you can make over 7,000,000 meals with little or no mental effort!

Eating like this is not only delicious and nutritious it also only costs cents to feed a young family. I worked out that it would cost around $1 pp, but we grow some stuff so we don’t have to spend a that kind of cash. Besides there are better uses of our money than expensive $4 family meals…

Be well.


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