Cheap Cheap (like the Budgie) Eats

“I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food”

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I wrote a post about living large while eating less than US$3 per person per day. More than a few people are skeptical especially those with lots of little mouths to feed. So here is a bit more detail.

Our family philosophy on food is that we prefer meals that:

  • Are simple to cook
  • Are fun to eat
  • Taste great
  • Are simple to clean up after
  • Provide us with optimum health
  • Prevent a multitude of modern diseases
  • Don’t cost the earth (figuratively and literally!)
  • Respect and value the other creatures with which we share our Earth

First off the fun in the meals comes from some entertainment. Like if we have burritos we all wear stupid giant Sombreros or if we have something French we might stick on some silly mustaches. Eating might be a mess, but it is usually pretty funny.

We also have around 3 standard breakfasts that we have most every day. About 5 lunches and probably less than 10 dinners that we repeat with slight variations of flavours and ingredients. This takes a lot of hassle out of shopping and preparing meals. If you review what you eat you will likely find a pattern of the same meals over the course of a couple of months. If this doesn’t jump out at you immediately just jot down a note of what you eat for 30 days and review it afterwards. Try to come up with 3/5/10 of your own fab favourites.

In addition to consolidating your recipes by systematizing the cooking process of say a curry you can simply create over 7,000,000 variants with little hassle, cost or ingredient diversity. I might write another post on this later.

And all this for around $3pp/pd!

On Monday this week we had:

Organic rolled oats ($5.35 per bag, lasts 3 people 1 week = 25c pp.pd)
Non dairy milk ($2.85 per carton, lasts 3 people 5 days ~ = 14c pp.pd – after correcting for 7 d)
Raisins ($1.10 per bag, lasts 3 people 3 weeks = 2c pp.pd)
Date puree (just dates boiled in water & blended $1.90 per bag, lasts 3 people 3 weeks = 3 c pp.pd)

Total: 44 c pp.pd (or $USD 29c @ 11 August 2015)

Baked wedges with salsa
Potatoes ($1.68 per kg. Use about 700g pp = $1.20 pp)
Salsa ($2.48 per jar, lasts 3 people almost 7 days = 11c)
Sprinkles (say curry powder or paprika, garlic and oregeno)
I’m not going to bother with sprinkles costs since your basic herb costs about $1 per packet and lasts 3-5 months.

Total: Let’s say $1.36 pp.pd or a whopping $USD 90c!


Say my 7,000,000 curry coming in for about $1pp.

This brings the grand total up to a tiny $2.19 (USD $1.40) leaving USD $1.60 pp.pd for fruit to snack on.

That is a lot of fruit where we live.

So maybe you don’t spend your $3 today.
It’s all good.
Save it and invest it.

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