Only two things will survive the apocalypse: are you one of them?

“I’m convinced my cockroaches have military training, I set off a roach bomb – they diffused it”
Jay London

“There are only two things that will survive the apocalypse” my friend Sam said to me the other day, “hairy men and cockroaches”.

It was his humorous barb at my appearance. His comment on my hair farming venture and my bushy beard is that they make me look like some type of redneck survivalist.

I guess I am, but seriously what simple living gent can be bothered with the cost and hassle of face shaving everyday? I’m a survivalist in as much as I know the market will go up, but it will go down too. If you are saving a good proportion of whatever income you make you will have more money to invest when the market is climbing. The returns ought to be pretty good too. If it falls and your income is affected your lifestyle probably won’t have to change much because through simple living you’ll have savings and skills to solve most of life’s problems.

Simple living is an all weather strategy so I don’t mind being lumped in with the cockroaches.

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