Your daily dose of misery, death, fear and greed

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”

Thomas Jefferson

If you get current events from a range of sources especially those outside the UK/USA media cartels you quickly see how this machine looks less like ‘news’ and more like cleverly crafted deliberately presented propoganda. The themes seek to repeatedly present a world of conflict, scarcity and insecurity. This justifies the need for war over natural resource.

The truth is that we have never led such good lives. The earth supplies an abundance of everything (if we use resources wisely and share equitably) and there is less death from violence and war than in any other point in human history.

All this peace and happiness is a huge problem. Global bankers, arms manufacturers and international profiteers from misery and strife don’t get rich in peacetime. These interests will ensure that every government in the world is embroiled in artificial conflict and perpetual war. For reasons that become apparent when you look into it the elite internationalists are into money and eugenics.  Constant neverending war involving the peoples of every nation is almost ideal for the beneficiaries. Eugenics goals and profit. You lend the money to the Governements on both sides to buy the arms exclusively from one of your companies and then you lend countries even more money to rebuild after the war.

War is great in eugenics terms because it’s the ‘undesirables’ that fight and die which is way more effective than the selective breeding efforts that have to be dressed up and delivered covertly. In war overtly killing a bunch of people is generally accepted thanks to the news media and the long established cultural narrative of good and evil, security and scarcity.

Nothing is going to change until the planet turns off the TV, burns the news papers and tunes out of CNN, BBC, ABC, & Fox. We need new stories and cultural ideas based around, community, sharing, caring and contentedness.  It starts when we stop lining up for our daily dose of voluntary mind control and begin getting information from independent sources with no vested interests in lying for profit of the worlds richest and most evil families.

All War’s are Banking Wars (43m) –Watch

Eugenics in practise (30m) – Watch

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