Becoming comfortable with being different

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Augustine of Hippo

Inevitably you will encounter resistance in living simply. You won’t be living in some commune. You’ll be living in some regular house in some regular neighbourhood, but your home circumstance won’t be very much like your neighbours.

Like you probably won’t have a TV. You might plant cauliflower in your front berm. You might have furniture that you made. You’ll wear efficient but cheap clothing. You won’t have many or any cars. You may walk a lot and generally stay closer to home.

Whatever it may be it will be different than mainstream and as soon as you cross that line in the sand you are up for massive ridicule.

Let’s say I tell you that the world is flat. It’s not a spinning spherical ball like you’ve been told.

Examine your reaction to me – this guy is moron. Everyone knows the world is a globe. If I persisted with this claim you would probably conclude that I am some sort of nut. But, examine my claim and your knowledge on this subject. Like how do you actually know its a ball. Because you were told right. You’ve seen photo’s from space. End of discussion.

You’re so certain you are right that you’d be prepared to take a silly little test and because you are so certain you will obviously fly through and prove me the moron I am. So go here and read the 200 logic points that suggest the earth is flat. Take my challenge and effortlessly refute any 5 of these 200 arguments. Any five will do. Post comments by clicking the speech bubble under the title.

When people encounter different ideas and different ways of being they react according to their programming – they ridicule. The intent of this programming is to homogenize humanity and steer us all away from ever realising our potential as full individuated beings. My mother always told me that a mind is like a parachute – it only works when it is open. In adopting such a foundation view one is more open to new ideas and with that knowledge shifts. Its a collision course for ridicule because you will have ideas that are your own. They are not simply unfiltered propaganda parroted by the autopilot. As soon as you start seeking truth it doesn’t take long to appreciate how many things in our realm are not based in truth. They are deeply repeated and entrenched viewpoints with only superficial supporting evidence.

Unfortunately, the closer you start living to self evident truth the further you are living from community and their norms.

If you can’t find a depth of courage to follow your own ideals you won’t ever succeed with simple living. Don’t worry about the neighbours. Find reasons to be proud of wearing free t-shirts. Smile deeply when the ill educated tease you. Feel proud of your achievements when you are confronted by corporate zombies that try to steal your zest and compel you back into their prison lifestyles. Examine your guilt, shame, fear or discomfort and make what you are doing right with your soul. You can become a very happy and fulfilled person if you have the courage to turn off the highway and carve your own trail.

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